the future jazz sounds of mindswimmer


1. when a clock turns time
2. amethyst
3. chicago to damascus
4. the chills
5. water is clear, pt. 3
6. nephology
7. spending time
8. night bizarre

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About Album

A bold and startling musical statement on growth through challenge and sacrifice. The band seamlessly travels across multiple modalities of musical expression, tying the journey together with delicate and direct lyrical storytelling. A confident exploration of personal and societal experience.

Artist: mindswimmer
Label: stellar nursery
Release Date: 7-20-2018
Genre: future jazz
People: Steve Dobias, Natasha Kohli, AJ Lamar, Simeon Viltz, Prashant Vallury

Album Reviews

Their approach is untethered and seamless as they fuse hip-hop, Soul, Jazz and futuristic elements leading to a product that somehow pushes the boundaries of recorded sound.

The Word is Bond

It is eclectic in sound, with influences ranging from the spiritual jazz world of John Coltrane, and Sun Ra to the guitar-heavy grooves of Radiohead and Pearl Jam. It’s also vastly experimental and is a true testament to their creativity and overall energy.

In Search of Media

The Future Jazz Sounds of Mindswimmer, is jazz from a distant planet, CAN meets OutKast on acid, Slowdive covering Coltrane and remixed by King Crimson. Essentially, this group does absolutely everything and does so without showing any seams, which is the most impressive part.

Passion of the Weiss

The music has an ambient wash, as disparate instrumentation and voices fold over the listener capturing the flow of the synapses, holding the audience in an imaginary tale of their own internalised creativity.

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