the dinner party


1. invocation
2. entanglement at a distance
3. moon salutation
4. gyan
5. shiva's dance
6. the heart stops beating
7. love prayer

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About Album

A uniquely vulnerable performance from a band playing together for the very first time, in front of a crowd of dining doctors. A fascinating exploration of confronting fear and anxiety that results in a promising introduction to the musical possibilities when a band is in sync with each other and trusting their instincts. The ensemble confidently walks the line between the unbounded expression of its later records and understated accompaniment of the energy present during the live event.

Artist: mindswimmer
Label: stellar nursery
Release Date: 10-3-2017
Genre: future jazz
People: Steve Dobias, Natasha Kohli, AJ Lamar, Prashant Vallury

Available Lyrics

entanglement at a distance

Take me to the moon
Shed my skin of yesteryear
Cure me of my blank

What do you dream about at night
What do you dream about at night
What are you afraid of
What are your secrets
What are your priorities
What do you value
What is the most important thing to you
What is your number one
Why do you wake up every morning
Why do you get out of bed
What is your motivation
What is your inspiration
What forces you to grow
What makes you you
What makes you so you that when I ask who you are you can tell me
Do you think about it
Do you think about what you think about it
Or do you just get up and go
If you just get up and go, where are you going
Where do you go every day
How do you spend your time
Who gets your time
Who gets your attention
Who gets your love
Who gets your energy

Are you excited
What do you look forward to
Or do you live in the past
What is more important to you tomorrow or yesterday
How about now
What do you think about now
What do you feel right now

How do you see yourself
How do you describe yourself
What language do you choose
What language do you speak
Is that a part of you
How many parts of you are there
How many part of you are there and where are they
Are they here right now
Are they still living yesterday
Are they already living tomorrow
Who am I with right now
Who’s here with me

moon salutation

What’s your favorite type of day
So what’s your favorite type of day
Do you love thunderstorms
Dark gray skies
Do you love the rain
Do you love the darkness
Do you love the night
Do you love the moon

Do you ever talk to the moon
Does it talk back
When you talk to the moon do you hear anything back
Does it assure you that everything is going to be ok

What does your name mean
Does it match your soul
Does your name match your soul
What does your name mean

What is your intention
What is your daily intention
What do you set out to do every day
What is your purpose
Why are you here
Why are you alive
Why are you breathing
Why does your heart beat
Why do you see
Why do you hear
What do you listen to
What do you allow to enter your brain
What do you focus on
Why do you breathe
Why do you breathe in
Why do you exhale
Why do you speak
Why do you talk
What do you make others consume
Your love
Something else

What makes you cry
What makes you giggle
What makes you laugh so hard your belly hurts
What makes you talk to yourself
What makes you dance
What makes you feel like you can fly
What is urgent for you
What do you hide from others
Why don’t you let them see that
It’s one of the most beautiful things about you
It makes you human
It makes you relatable

What makes you choose
What do you choose
What do you share
What energy do you receive
What energy do you give
Do you participate in an energy exchange
What do you allow in and what do you allow out
What comes in
What goes out

Where does your imagination take you
To an alternate world
What does that world smell like
What does it taste like
What does it sound like
What does it feel like


What if we just let it all go
What if we just released everything
What if we just move on with nothing
That’s how we came
With nothing

If nothing mattered what would be your priority
If nothing mattered what would you choose
Anything you know
If status didn’t matter what kind of car would you drive
If money didn’t matter what would your house look like
If money and status didn’t matter what would matter to you
Your home

What’s home
Is home a feeling
Is home a place
Is home a time
Is home a choice

Do we choose our lives
Are we responsible for what we allow in
Do we take responsibility for what we allow out

How do you spend your Sunday afternoon
Who do you see
Who do you hear
Who do you touch
Who do you touch on Sunday afternoon

Do you believe in an afterlife
Do you believe in tomorrow
What do you believe about yesterday
What are your thoughts on today
What are you thinking about right now

Ao murshid se hum dua maange

What makes your hurt
Did you put it there
Or did somebody else
Did you let them
Or did they force it upon you

How much do we control
How much do we allow to happen
And how much happens to us

the heart stops beating

How often do you challenge yourself
How often do you leave your comfort zone
How often do you do something you don’t want to
What are you afraid of

Are you alive or are you just living
Do you still dream
What are your goals
Who do you want to be when you grow up
When do we know we’re grown up
When we leave home
When we buy a house
When we get married
When we have kids of our own

When do we know we are grown up
Are we ever done
Do we ever stop
Will I stop when my heart stops
Will I stop growing when my heart stops beating
Will I stop growing when I stop breathing
Will I stop dreaming the last time I close my eyes

love prayer

Who do you root for
Who’s on your team
Who is your number one fan

Have you met your soulmate yet
The one you have spent 40 generations loving
Do you lay down next to the love of your life
Do they make you a better person
Do they introduce you to your better self
What makes your soul happy
What makes you release inhibitions
What makes you surpass limitations
What are your limitations
And who put them there