land of upright peoples


1. tweaking symbolic gestures
2. omnipotent (wee ah wuhn)
3. guts, glory, mojo (dojo)
4. don't bring me down
5. jammin' on the won

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About Album

land of upright peoples is a play on the meaning of Burkina Faso, the powerful and beautiful name chosen by President Thomas Sankara to unify the West African country’s diverse population under a shared character trait – honesty.

The band is joined in this effort with features from legendary Chicago MC, Thaione Davis and the soulfully conversational voicings of Shev Rock. The record captures the jazz quintet each showing moments of singular brilliance.

Artist: mindswimmer
Label: stellar nursery
Release Date: 26-2-2019
Genre: future jazz
People: Steve Dobias, Natasha Kohli, AJ Lamar, Simeon Viltz, Prashant Vallury