1. no secrets
2. diwali
3. peaceful silence
4. henna patterns
5. facing the cosmos
6. free to be
7. lasting memory
8. take me to the moon

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About Album

An improvised exploration of romance and possibility. A visceral daydream of a record that is gorgeously mixed into a meditation on life, joy, and fulfillment. Hypnotic and soft, each song unfolds gradually, drawing you deeper into a state of relaxed contemplation. An intoxicating and inviting blend of ambient, house, and feel jazz.

Artist: mindswimmer
Label: stellar nursery
Release Date: 12-19-2017
Genre: future jazz
People: Steve Dobias, Natasha Kohli, AJ Lamar, Prashant Vallury

Available Lyrics

no secrets

I breathe in

My dreams take me to the moon
When i get there i shed my skin of yesteryear
I wash the days out of my hair
Step into a new character
And i feel free to be

That’s how i know what it feels like to
dance naked in the rain
As free of worry as the day i entered this earth
Free of the need of secrets

When I look into the mirror I can have a conversation with my existence
I converse with my existence
I have a dialogue with my existence
My existence
My being


I exist
I am here
Ten thousand freckles and single beauty mark
Illuminate my footsteps at midnight
As if it were diwali

peaceful silence

I watch my boots click
One in front of the other
As if i were a metronome
If i am you are my rhythm
My little star how i wonder constantly

You are that soothing breeze
From a gray storm of beauty
These bells on my ankles
They sing in harmony as i dance with you whirling around me
I only want to breathe in this chaos
It is my peaceful silence

henna patterns

In each of my eyes lives a universe
When I close them I see an endless ocean of stars
I can pick one for you
As one would pick a flower
I’ll put it in your pocket
Or you can put it in my hair
We’ll both wear it like a cologne

I wanna wear this song as a cologne
I want to adorn my arms with henna patterns
that tell the most beautiful story of love
Tell me that story again
I can listen to it every day
I’ll tell it back to you
So you can hear it too

facing the cosmos

I was facing the cosmos and i saw your face above me
It wrapped me up like a cloth made of clouds
I miss that face
I crave that sensation
I love it all
I love love

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