everytime I eat my dreams


1. telepathic sunflowers
2. bridgeway to the maker
3. beautiful jam
4. traveling without thinking
5. honesty is unpredictable

About Album

A lush and mesmeric danceable jazz improvisation from the spiritual hive mind that is mindswimmer. The musical baton makes its way freely around the ensemble, each member enjoying an opportunity to curate the vibe.

Confident, cinematic, and seamless, everytime I eat my dreams is a healing marriage of house, progressive rock and free jazz. It is record full of discovery and a journey with a soul-renewing payoff.

Artist: mindswimmer
Label: stellar nursery
Genre: future jazz
People: Steve Dobias, Natasha Kohli, AJ Lamar, Prashant Vallury

Available Lyrics

telepathic sunflowers

why is it so hard
to give up control
when I never had it begin with
I only think as much
it helps me feel secure
like I'm holding onto
yesterday’s pain
it’s gone with the wind
and today is a new skin
a new feeling
a new existence

you bend the air on my skin like a musical note
I breathe in your passion
I exhale compassion
and I keep it moving
hypnotize me out of my usual path
rattle me out of my routine
break my mind’s interweb
in between your thoughts and my mouth
I chant your noise

surround me with ideas that show me each side of the cube
expose me to every nook and cranny
share with me every spice and every fragrance that you have consumed
I want to live this life as if it were my only
even though we both know that’s not the case
I’ve been here before
I have sensed my way through human form already
but today I’m hungry for much more
to light a fire, I can be a spark

knead my invisible mind like invisible dough
need my invisible thoughts like invisible shields
I can handle a punch to the gut
but this feels like a kick in the head
fake it until you make it
I am made of plastic already
my mind is stretching its electricity
its elasticity
my ego has put on a little weight
and I am famished
eager and willing to enter the fight
and I wanna be on your team

honesty is unpredictable

honesty is unpredictable
happiness is my discipline
discipline defends against the darkness
while my confusion begets confusions
fragments of the invisible glow in harmony

hurt me with your words rather than torture me with your silence
bring me down to reality
I’ve been floating in space too long
when my primal desires are satisfied
like eating sweet fruits of my labor
I’m aware of my first-world issues
and I yearn to explore other dimensions