between spaces


1. between spaces
2. no right turns

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The debut record from mindswimmer as a trio. A meditation on death and life which was recorded within hours of a dear friend’s suicide. The recording captures three performers struggling with loss, yet searching for meaning and beauty in the immediate aftermath. A disarming, anthemic listen with a hopeful message.

Artist: mindswimmer
Label: stellar nursery
Release Date: 9-26-2017
Genre: future jazz
People: Steve Dobias, Natasha Kohli, Prashant Vallury

Available Lyrics

between spaces

The beauty is in the negative space
The pause in between words
In between notes
In between lives

What’s in between your mind and your body
What’s in between your body and your soul

What fills the time in between
What have you experienced since the last time I saw you
Countless moments

My skin is brown
Does that make me different from you

I see your face
I see your face when I close my eyes
When I close my eyes I see my hand touching your face
My love caresses yours

Where are you right now
What is your emotional state and why
How many times a day do you ask why
That’s my favorite question

Hold my hand
Let’s go for a walk
I want to hear you talk
I want to know your why

What is your favorite and why
Who do you love and why
What is most precious to you
And how do you spend that
How do you spend your time
What do you give your attention to

Do you feel the positivity in the negative space
Do you feel the serenity in the in between
Do you feel the peace of losing control

Can you teach me how to fly
I want to soar together
I’ll follow you and you can follow me

We can shed everything and just be
We can shed everything and be at peace
We can find peace in the pain and in the joy
We can find peace in love and in loss

Peace in being
What do you want to be
Where do you want to be

Do you want to live in cobalt blue
Do you want to live in electricity

Is a prayer like a thought
When I’m thinking am I praying
Does anybody hear it
Or is it just released
A moment passed
What if my prayer is a question

Is it possible to kill with love
Can you kill negativity with love
Can you kill bad habits by forgiving yourself
How often do you forgive yourself
You deserve it

How often do you stretch your mind
How often do you let the new in
What are you scared of

Is it scary to not be in control
To just let things happen
Isn’t that what happens anyway
Things just happen
Thoughts just come
Things are just said

no right turns

Whenever I see the sun
I know everything is fine
Because I remember
That life is just a moment
It’s just a sentence
It’s just a breath

And in this breath that I’m breathing
In this sentence that I’m crafting
I love to feel the sun on my skin

It reminds me of
Right now
Right now is my favorite part of day
Is it yours

Could you spend a day
Watching the waves crash
Can we spend the day
Chasing a rainbow
I want to spend a day
In your embrace

In this breath that is my life
I want to know you
I want to experience you
I want our stories to overlap
So we can remind each other in our next

I want our overlapping story to be full of laughter
Sprinkled with tears
And painted with love

You are sunshine
You are love
You are beautiful

Is that how you see yourself
Is that how you see the world
A reflection of your own beauty
Of your own grace
Of your own energy

I see the moon at night
Will you take me there
Should I meet you there in my dreams
Where else will we go
What else will we learn
We’ll learn how to be free together

We can play hide and seek in between dimensions
I’ll always find you
No matter the lifetime

I feel you now
You’re here with me now
And now that you’re here
I can tell you again that I love you
You are perfectly imperfect

When we go left is that when we leave
Maybe I need a map
Maybe that would just take away the fun

I like getting lost with you
My beloved

Which worlds have you traveled
Which is your favorite
Do you go there often
Do you pursue it
Do you pursue peace
Do you make that a priority

Do you grow from pain
Do you know that you’re somebody’s light
Do you know that you’re my light
I’ll give you mine too
What should we illuminate
How long do we burn

Where is your home
Is it in the stars
I’m coming over
We’ll just be

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