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mindswimmer is a fearless improvisational future jazz ensemble. A spiritual hive mind of unbridled creativity, seamlessly blending multiple artistic modalities, the band has an ambitiously cinematic approach to creating sound & vision from ascendant dimensions. The resulting works are a testament to the power of human expression. From quantum physics to sacred geometry, no topic is off-limits for exploration.

This band of polymaths is a powerhouse of creative manifestation, imbuing the fearlessness of chicago house, spiritual jazz, and post-rock music with the evocation of visual styles ranging from abstract expressionism to non-narrative filmmaking.

A band of like-minded aliens, according to drummer AJ Lamar, mindswimmer is an artistic experiment supervised by an ensemble of free thinkers fueled by the shared conviction that the highest forms of creativity are achieved when the vestiges of ego and self are swept aside.

Guitar, Bass, Synth, Percussion, Vocalist, Sound Engineer

Steve Dobias

Steve is a fearless explorer of emotion. He masterfully expresses himself through both instrumentation and his approach to mixing the improvisational recordings from the band.

His no-frills approach to editing reveals sound in its purest state and presents the band at its rawest and most emotionally resonant. Trained in performance and improvisation, Steve is the central melodic feature in the band, tying all elements together thanks in large part to his sublime ear for point and counterpoint.

Percussion, Lyricist, Vocalist, Visual Artist

Natasha Kohli

Natasha is the guiding energy behind the band. Her vulnerable exploration of the human psyche keeps the group together and focused during their furious recording sessions. She continues the exploration of the themes her lyrics introduce through her curation of the visual art that accompanies each performance.

Whether she is creating the art or managing its production, it is her eye and aesthetic that allows the band to speak fluently in multiple artistic modalities. The power of her voice cannot be overstated – she produces the band while it improvises, with her gentle spirit and her incisive observations. 

Drums, Vocals, Cinematography

AJ Lamar

AJ is the heartbeat of the ensemble. His seemingly limitless energy powers the band through hours of uninterrupted improvisation during each recording session. His loving spirit holds the band together while his furious playing style moves them forward when playing.

He also works with Natasha and Prashant helping to craft the visuals that accompany each release. His energy, enthusiasm, and syncopative style are key elements of mindswimmer’s overall presentation. He is both articulate and powerful as a creative expressionist.

Keys, Bass, Synth, Guitars, Vibraphone, Vocals, Production, Cinematography

Prashant Vallury

Prashant is the mad scientist of the group – endlessly curious and always tinkering, his pursuit of singularity leads the band into fantastical worlds and new levels of expression. His is a fast-burning fuel, and brings energy where AJ brings pace.

Visually, his non-narrative documentary style of shooting disarms the viewer, much like the band’s music. His is a voice that cannot be anticipated or planned for, which is why the ensemble surrounds him with instruments to serve his buoyant creative spirit.

Keys, Synth, Vibraphone, Trumpet, Vocals, Drums

Simeon Viltz

Simeon pushes the ensemble from the familiar into the unknown. His spiritual nature connects him to higher truths while his ear for the lean grounds him and gives him urgency. He is a master of taking simple ideas and elevating them to the highest and most abstracted expression that he can concoct. 

Lyrically, he balances a laid-back, rhythmic delivery with a probing, spiritual lyricism that makes equal time for dark and light. Musically, he brings a funk aesthetic but also grounds the band into long-contemplations by providing a drone element.